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Ann Harding

Ann Harding radi u organizaciji SWITCH koja omogućuje različite IT-usluge akademskoj zajednici u Švicarskoj, članica je AAI tima te je više puta vodila razvoj sustava elektroničkih identiteta u okviru projekata GÉANT. Na konferenciji DEI 2018 održat će pozvano predavanje na temu uloge i važnosti sustava elektroničkih identiteta u akademskoj i istraživačkoj zajednici.

Bografija (engleski)

Ann Harding has worked for SWITCH since 2007 and is currently in the AAI team. She has led development for Trust and Identity services in three consecutive GÉANT projects since 2013.

The portfolio of Trust and Identity services Ann leads is collaboratively delivered by more than 20 partners (GÉANT and NRENs) across Europe and includes:

  • eduGAIN, the federated identity interfederation service of GÉANT including additional developments
    • to increase support to research
    • to introduce security incident response
    • to interoperate with eIDAS and other non R&E providers
  • New federated Identity based services to enhance eduGAIN
    • eduTEAMS - a platform for collaborations
    • InAcademia - simple validation
  • eduroam
    • to make it easier for small sites to deploy
    • to improve diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Ann has gained third-level qualifications in Arts and Humanities and Computer Science and a Master’s qualification in Cultural and Media studies.
All of these come in useful in developing and driving a strategy and implementation for R&E Trust and Identity in Europe.